Che Attracting International Attention Thanks to Ireland Flap

Che Attracting International Attention Thanks to Ireland Flap

Debate That Just Won't Die Draws Unwanted Scrutiny For Galway

The debate over the “Galway Che” monument isn’t confined to Ireland anymore, as the recent piece by columnist Jay Nordlinger in The National Review suggests. Jay is one of the first to bring the story of the ill fated Che Guevara monument of Galway, Ireland to international prominence -- other than myself, of course. In doing this, he follows closely in the footsteps of conservative Irish columnists who have also loudly denounced the idea.

Nordlinger’s entire column this week isn’t about the controversy, but he does devote a good chunk of his air time to it, noting that Pope Benedict will be visiting Cuba shortly. As the writer tells us, the pope has been prevailed upon by internet activists to meet with human rights proponents while he visits the tiny communist nation. It’s quite possible that even the pope has heard about the Galway monument, as it’s becoming an issue in Florida -- where the Cuban expat community is centered.

A Florida Representative sent a letter to the people and mayor of Galway in response to news about the monument, stating that the idea of erecting a Che statue in Galway was tantamount to “honoring a killer.” Notably, this was before the mayor of Galway withdrew her support for the monument, so it’s quite possible that it was a factor. Sadly for Galway, it is really starting to get some attention -- but not the kind its people may have wanted.

Considering all the trouble, it wouldn’t surprise me if the mayor and her supporters want to announce the demise of the monument far and wide. I’m hoping that the resolution, whatever it might be, is made public and we can report it on Che Guevara Talk as soon as it comes out. Stay tuned for more information.

Image by Louise Price