Fidel Castro Publishes New Bio: Is Che In?

Fidel Castro Publishes New Bio: Is Che In?

Latest and Likely Last Work From Castro May Reveal New Details

During a six-hour ceremony in Havana, long time Cuban president Fidel Castro announced that he has completed a new biography. The biography, Guerilla of Time, covers his life from birth until the end of his successful Cuban Revolution, which deposed the government and put in place a Soviet-friendly communist regime. Of course, Che was instrumental to the revolution -- but there’s no word yet on whether the new book includes any details regarding his place in Cuban life.

This isn’t the first biography from Castro. As noted in the link above, Castro also co-wrote a similar treatment years ago, One Hundred Hours With Fidel. That book appeared amidst Raul Castro’s move to a bigger role in his brother’s government. Guerilla of Time is over 1,000 pages long and uses information collected in a similar format, from talks that Fidel had with the author. Such a huge volume is bound to include details about the days leading up to the Revolution and Che’s role that haven’t emerged before.

It’s not clear yet when the new Castro biography will be available to English speakers. Naturally, the political situation between Cuba and the U.S. makes this more complex than it would otherwise be. But it is already making its way through the Latin world. We look forward to the chance to plumb this new wealth of historical information and see what kinds of insights we can find -- both on Che and on Cuba in general.

You’ll be hearing from Che Guevara talk when the book becomes more widely available.